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May - Beginning of Summer and Green Tea

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May is the season when green tea leaves are harvested for the first time of the year in Japan. These so-called first-picked green teas have a sweet and fresh note compared to the ones harvested in the later season. This blog will introduce you how to pour a perfect cup of green tea.



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April - Sakura and Ohanami

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April is the season of sakura, and sakura means its the season of Ohanami. 

We give you three Ohanami related fun facts for you to have a taste of Japanese Ohanami Culture.



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Goodbye 2020 and Hello 2021

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These are atomi's new year initiatives that will chart our 2021 journey to make ends meet, build a legacy and create more beautiful homes, restaurants and more residential / commercial spaces.
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11 Years in Mandarin Gallery & beyond

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Shopping in Singapore may not be similar to those in Japan but in atomi, we have put together an eclectic unique mix of Japanese brands that's otherwise impossible to have all under one roof, even in Japan. The boutiques are filled with products made in Japan by artisans who have spent a lifetime perfecting their trades. Many have been around for generations, and are appearing outside of Japan for the very first time.

When she first came to Singapore in 2002, Japan-born, United States-educated Mitsuko met Andrew, a Singaporean born and bred in Singapore, globetrotting around the world as a management consultant. Now they are best known for Singapore-based atomi, an eponymous brand they founded in 2009, epitomising Japanese Designs x Comfortable Lifestyle since then. 

atomi is an eclectic collection that covers all aspects of fashion, furniture, homeware, alcohol and more. The lifestyle boutique located on level four of Mandarin Gallery in Orchard Road is filled with hidden gems from all over Japan while the furniture showroom next unit showcases designer furniture from the likes of Naoto Fukasawa, Jasper Morrison and SANAA.

This is where you will find everything imported from Japan. We stock Japanese brands that we curated through the years of sourcing, travelling and flying throughout many prefectures of Japan, showcasing Andrew & Mitsuko's personable and insider view of the culture, furniture and products that represent Japan's design culture, artisanal craftsmanship and unwavering dedication for perfection. 

After 11 years, atomi is still the labour of love for the co-founders, Andrew Tan and Tokyo native Mitsuko Murano. We strive to deliver a unique shopping experience with products & services that bring Japan closer to you in Singapore. And our next step is to reach out to the regional stage.  


333a Orchard Road #04-27 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238897
+65 9851 5398

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AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 NEW COLLECTION Feat. Tako by Naoto Fukasawa for Maruni

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The combination of innovative industrial processes with traditional craftsmanship methods- perfectly described by their motto “Industrialized Craftsmanship”- represents the production philosophy of Maruni, traceable in every project.

The study of shapes able to highlight the natural beauty of wood and the sophisticated technical skills created versatile furnishing solutions, a blend between exquisite beauty and perfect functionality.

Tako, designed by Naoto Fukasawa, is an organic shaped chair, created not by wood bending but by applying machine wood cutting techniques. The sculptural soft form was born from Maruni’s processing technique under the motto “Industrialized Craftsmanship”. The chair has a gentle silhouette that is a perfect complement to a white tablecloth. Its most striking characteristic is where the back divides into the front leg and back leg.

-Designed By Naoto Fukasawa

The particular curvature of the backrest and armrests of the chair, reminiscent of the profile of an octopus, was achieved through cutting techniques using CNC machines, originally possible only by hand. Technological application studied by Maruni allows the complex shape to be mass produce now. The table, made of solid wood, reveals all its subtleties: the rectangular top, rounded on the edges, a minimum thickness, and the sinuous legs, reminiscent of the octopus tentacles

The most impressive features of the Tako table are the soft arcs of its wooden legs. Its beautiful shape is a perfect match for the Tako armchair.

The beautiful Tako armchair with dynamic curves looks as if it was carved out of wood just like a sculpture. The flow of its lines that links the backrest to the legs and the round shape of the seat gently wrap around your body

When combined, these two items can create an ambience that will give the space an even more refined look.

“I wanted to implement a three-dimensional free-form curve into a mass producible wooden chair, but not by using the traditional wood bending techniques. This chair can showcase the shape, which was earlier only possible by handcrafting it piece by piece, in solid wood. A chair that goes well with a glass of wine or a white tablecloth, is something that first came to my mind! The chair has turned out into a form like that of an octopus, so I named it "Tako". I didn't intend to actually design an octopus-like shape.” 
- Naoto Fukasawa, 2020



Kindly contact us andrew@atomi-jp.com or whatsapp 98515398 for more information.

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