atomi is turning 12.

atomi is turning 12. We are still at the same location from day one - 27.11.2009. We hope that slow and steady will let us run the marathon at a measured pace. I remain very hands-on and being on-the-ground experience is helping us to gain valuable experience to take on new ventures and roles, whether it’s lecturing about NFTs, IoT and Blockchain Technology in Chinese or sharing about sake to fellow entrepreneurs.

Since Covid19, we have to weather extreme regulations, pay the heavy price of lockdowns, ever-changing restrictions and spend even more to innovate. Hopefully, we will survive and if God's willing, thrive. Thank you for being such a supportive community that has been with us since 2009. Japanese Designs x Comfortable Lifestyle - we uphold our vision of being the lifestyle boutique in Orchard Road, being the petite cornerstone boutiques on level four of Mandarin Gallery.

Bringing Japan-made Furniture and Lifestyle products to Singapore is still the heart and soul of atomi and we will never waver even in unprecedented time and under intense competition. Please continue to be part of our journey and we hope to see you joining us in the celebrations throughout the month of November!

atomi is a brand that epitomize exceptional Japan Made designer products and furniture. We bring in things that will enhance the environment. Join us in creating homes, offices, commercial spaces and more. This is a brand for everyone who cares about the environment, climate changes and retail industry. Come on, let's make a difference together. Order your next gift, furniture and more of Japan Made products at

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