atomi x maruni

"atomi has been Maruni's official dealer for Singapore since 2010"
Maruni is a wooden furniture manufacturer established in 1928.

Following the motto of “Industrialized Craftsmanship”, Maruni has been seeking to find the right balance between artisans' handwork and machining and has been continually producing wooden furniture for over 90 years in order to create affordable furniture that reflects the beauty of such craft skills.
In 2008, Maruni launched MARUNI COLLECTION with product designer Naoto Fukasawa which includes the HIROSHIMA models, utilizing the special characteristics of the factory to produce furniture that will become a world renowned iconic piece.
In 2011, Maruni was joined by Jasper Morrison and continues to expand its vision year by year. Sincere and direct communication between designers and technicians, designs that highlight the natural beauty of the wood, and the sophisticated manufacturing skills of its artisans will enable to continue to produce wooden furniture recognized as a new global icon for hundreds of years to come.