Japan Holiday Houses

Executive Summary

After establishing itself as a leading Japanese furniture and lifestyle brand in Singapore, atomi embarks to upscale its existing business model by delving into a new business venture – kickstarting a unique collection of “holiday houses” across the country of its inspiration, Japan.

 Known for its pristine landscape and rich culture, Japan has long been an ideal spot for holidaymakers both regionally and globally. Moreover, in a world that is progressively becoming more urban and digitized, the country’s ability to tread the fine line between modernity and nature makes it the perfect haven for those seeking “the best of both worlds''.

Thus, riding on atomi’s product expertise and past experiences in re-imagining and designing homes and spaces, the brand hopes to provide a comforting “home away from home” for those who are seeking for a momentary escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Company Background

Founded jointly by Andrew Tan and Mitsuko Murano in 2009, atomi stands as a high-end lifestyle brand situated at Mandarin Gallery on Orchard Road, Singapore's renowned shopping destination. The core concept that has consistently shaped atomi since its inception is the amalgamation of Japanese design aesthetics and a comfortable way of life.

The name "atomi" derives its origins from the initials of "Andrew" (represented by the "a") and "Mitsuko" (symbolized by "mi"), coupled with the Japanese term "to," meaning "and." This amalgamation signifies unity of not only the founders, but also their cultural identities.

atomi offers an exclusive array of meticulously curated furniture and lifestyle products that correlates with the brand’s commitment to excellence. Every item is handpicked to ensure its distinctiveness and authenticity, such that they embody atomi’s origin, vision, and unwavering dedication to promote a lifestyle defined by elegance and comfort. This mindset and belief will similarly be translated into the creation of atomi's holiday houses.


Product and Service Offerings

From the metropolitan skyline of Tokyo to the historical sanctuary of the Gifu Prefecture, atomi intends to curate a series of luxurious oases across different Japanese landscapes. By leveraging on the various Japanese brands that atomi is currently partnered with, the aim is to develop each holiday house according to “the atomi style” – Japanese designs x Comfortable lifestyle. From start to finish, the design, construction, management, and maintenance of the holiday houses will be attended to fully by atomi and its partners. It is the atomi dream to provide investors with the opportunity to experience Japan in its most exquisite form.

In the long term, atomi seeks to generate financial returns for investors following the sale of the holiday houses.


Mood Boards of Holiday Houses

Various themes are envisioned for the interior design of the holiday houses, ranging from traditional-modernistic Japanese designs to the essence of Scandinavian Nordic landscapes.


Living Room




Dining Room






atomi house | unique value proposition

At atomi, we are proud of our unique approach to business. Our expertise is focused on Singapore and Japan, with an emphasis on Asia. Our services include retail, interior furnishing, and professional services. Our latest project involves developing atomi houses in Japan, which offer exceptional value propositions in the industry.

Our eclectic collection of furnishings reflects our sense of style and is tailored to our customers' preferences. We are committed to creating exceptional holiday houses that embody our personality and passion for delivering a superior customer experience.

A perfect abode is a distinct structure with a cosy ambience, perfect for unwinding after a day spent by the river or trekking in the mountains. It is situated on vast land while still conveniently located near amenities. Boasting stunning views and an impressive interior designed by atomi, it is an ideal living space.

As you enter the atomi house, you will be pleased to find a collection of globally curated furniture that complements your home's personality and theme. The furniture mix and match are designed to provide a cosy and comfortable vibe while being practical for Japanese life and style.

When you live in the house, you'll discover lifestyle products that are expertly crafted using hiba wood, glassware blown into impressive proportions, and classic tatami flooring to give you an authentic Japanese feel. Our bathtubs can be crafted from hinoki wood, while the bespoke dining table and matching benches may be made from upcycled wood and steel.

We're infusing the five senses with the five elements, resulting in a space that's more than just a showroom - a home with your distinct personality and countless tales to share.

Drop us an email at andrew@atomi-jp.com for a private discussion and to find out more about potential investing opportunities.