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About Us


atomi was established in 2009, with a vision to make everyday living more comfortable yet stylish. We carry two brands – atomi and ACTUS häuse, curating a range of sophisticated luxury designs and products. With its visionary concept, atomi has been able to achieve strong branding under the guidance of our founder who has over 10 years of consulting experience. We have also established excellent relationships with government and brand-owners.

Under our consultancy arm, we offer strategic solutions from market entry to unchartered waters. Through identifying pockets of future growth, we provide you, our clients with customized services in achieving sustainable business development tailored to your firm’s size and needs. 
Challenges and Solutions

Here at atomi x consultancy, we strive to ensure we provide only the best service. As such, we have done our own extensive research into the market. We will highlight relevant issues and recommend the necessary solutions to ensure our clients remain competitive in the ever-changing environment. 

    Our Services 

    Are you having trouble getting your products priced to suit market demand? If you are like most business owners, you would have trouble finding the time to strategically analyse data for predictive retailing and margin points improvement. This is why it is important to have a specialist to take care of your price optimisation needs.

    In this digital age, AI technologies have been actively penetrating the market. The scope of business tasks in the current era is changing with new solutions provided by machine learning. Market competitors are always thinking one step ahead with newer ways of optimising product prices. 

    Our clientele includes:

    1. Enterprises such as listed property developers
    2. Retailers & F&B Operators 
    3. Manufacturers in the Lifestyle and Furniture Industry
    4. Government Agencies
    5. Trade Organisations from Japan and Singapore

    Strategic Executive Coaching 

    With years of experience in retail and business consulting, atomi plans and delivers training programs to help develop relevant skill sets for the C-suites and Business Owners. 

    As Market Changers, we have the skills and experience to come in and help you make the best possible use of the data, harnessing it to determine predictable demand, sales and margins. May we stop by and offer you a free demonstration of the product. If so, send us an email to set up an appointment with us.

    A full portfolio is available upon request.

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