atomi x Kanpai Wines

atomi consultancy has partnered with Kanpai Wines, a leading wine distributor from Napa Valley, to establish their presence in the Singapore market. Kanpai Wines has a very modern interpretation of traditional craft, and seeks to incorporate Japanese heritage and influence into its offerings. With a similar focus on creative fusion between Japanese and other cultures, Kanpai Wines and atomi are well aligned on business direction, we believe that this collaboration would reinforce the Japanese-inspired lifestyle scene in Singapore.

Kanpai Wines is owned by Peter Chiang and Azumi Kubo, a Taiwanese- Japanese couple who shares a deep bond over their love for food and hospitality. While the duo’s venture as vineyard owners was put on standstill during the 2017 California Wildfires, famed winemaker Steve Matthiasson reignited the flame of the business when he offered to ferment their grapes for them. Having graduated with a M.S. from U.C. Davis in 1996, Matthiason has provided viticultural consulting for historic vineyards such as Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, Spottswoode Winery, the Araujo Estate, and Dalla Valle Vineyards, to name a few. Consequently, he has earned the attention of consumers and critics alike under his own eponymous label for producing classically balanced wines. Kanpai’s estate vineyard, has been providing premium cabernet sauvignon to legendary wineries like Opus One for over 30 years, which Kanpai Wines is proud to call it home.
Japanese for ‘cheers’, Kanpai, is a simple word that means celebration. It also means family and togetherness. We hope you enjoy the wines with the people you love. We chose this word to represent our winery as a reminder of home, to honor our friends and family.
These wines are intended to invoke a feeling of warmth and familiarity as it pay homage to Azumi’s Japanese heritage and tradition. Between the two, Azumi helms the artistic realm of the business and is the creator of many of the brand’s beautiful bottle designs, which are Japanese inspired in look, feel, and detail.
As evident from their packaging, which are mostly curated by co-founder, Azumi, and her rich Japanese heritage and culture. This is in contrast to traditional packaging which tend to be more description-focused, with little to no visuals.
atomi consultancy has been appointed to strategise the business model in Singapore. We are going to create the branding, increase the awareness and bring these wines to cater to the businesses as well as the individuals. For B2B, we plan to collaborate with restaurants, introducing Kanpai Wines to multiple establishments with the emphasis on wine and food pairings. We hope that this will increase the reach and visibility of Kanpai Wines, as well as the range of alcohol offered at these restaurants. In the B2C market, we will reach out directly to consumers through wine-tasting events and social media outreach. It is our hope to help Kanpai Wines grow internationally as a Japanese-inspired brand, beginning first with attaining a stable and secure foothold in Singapore.
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