atomi x hasami

We are proud to present atomi x Hasami, a highly regarded Japanese ceramicist that is well-known for its exceptional craftsmanship. This brand prides itself on its team of specialised artisans, each of whom is dedicated to a specific task, including shaping, moulding, glazing, and firing. As a result, Hasami is able to maintain an exceptionally high standard of quality across all of its products. At atomi, we are excited to showcase an array of Hasami products that embody the principles of design, luxury, and simplicity.

Hasami ceramics, a brand that specializes in crafting ceramics, is based in the town of Hasami in Nagasaki Prefecture. Although Hasami ceramics was relatively unknown until recently, it has now gained recognition as a well-known product.  This division of labor ensures that each process is carried out efficiently and effectively, resulting in high-quality ceramics that are valued for their durability and aesthetic appeal.

Complex production systems can present challenges in communication and require significant financial and temporal resources when developing new products. However, for Hasami ceramics, such systems have provided craftsmen with opportunities to refine their skills and improve efficiency. The HASAMI brand is committed to preserving local traditions while breaking down inherent barriers to specialized labour, resulting in practical ceramic tools. Our objective is to design tools that offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal, that are a pleasure to use and are durable.

日本有数の窯業の盛んな地、長崎県波佐見町。この地で約400年前の江戸時代につくられはじめた磁器は、当時から日本各地はもとより、長崎港を経てヨーロッパへも出荷された。早くから量産体制が整えられたため、日用の食器としての確かな質と価格を実現したことが知られている。豊かな伝統は、現代まで脈々と受け継がれてきた。HASAMI PORCELAINは、篠本拓宏(tortoise)のディレクションにより、こうした遺産を現代のコンセプトで革新するテーブルウェアとして生まれた。

Hasami Town, Nagasaki Prefecture, is renowned for its thriving ceramic industry, which has been in operation for over 400 years. During the Edo period, porcelain production began in this town and was subsequently shipped to various regions in Japan and Europe through Nagasaki Port. The implementation of a mass production system at an early stage allowed for consistent quality and economical pricing of tableware for daily use. This rich tradition has been upheld to the present day. HASAMI PORCELAIN is a contemporary take on this heritage that introduces a modern concept to tableware.