atomi x NISSIN 2023 New Collection

We are excited to share that Nissin, one of our longest-standing partner brands, has released a new line of products across multiple collections this July. 

Nissin New Furniture Release

Nissin Furniture Crafters was established in 1946 in Hida Takayama, Gifu Prefecture. Since their founding, the brand’s primary focus has been to meet customers' needs by designing and crafting furniture that is high-quality, modern, and minimalist – pieces that can seamlessly integrate into various living spaces. Nissin’s design philosophy has roots in the founders’ trip to Scandinavia in 1963, which inspired them to integrate Scandinavian design principles into the traditional Japanese craftsmanship of Hida. As such, Nissin’s creations are practical, accessible, and durable.

CHORUS series

The CHORUS series is one of Nissin’s mainstay collections that is designed with the intention to create a soothing ambiance, such that every CHORUS piece merges harmoniously with its surroundings. The main feature of this collection is its graceful, curvaceous design that accentuates the gentle inviting warmth of Nissin’s distinctive wood craftsmanship.

CHORUS Bar Stool

In particular, the CHORUS bar stool stands out for its elegant curves from the elbow to the hind leg of the chair form. Carefully sculptured by the hands of craftsmen, the back board of the CHORUS bar stool uses a three-dimensional bending wooden structure that makes full use of Hida's bending wood technology. This ensures the back of every seater is gently supported so that utmost comfort is prioritised. 

The CHORUS bar stool is available in 2 materials, oak or walnut, and the seat surface is available in solid plate and cloth/leather upholstery specifications. 


ac-cent Series


"KIBAKO" is a series of storage containers designed in a box-like shape of varying sizes. This allows versatility in the way the boxes are combined to accommodate to every individual’s lifestyle needs and design preferences. As each kibako is produced using both the white portion of solid oak and the black part of black walnut, every piece is distinctly varied in wood colour and grain. Special new offerings this season include a chest and a sideboard repping KIBAKO’s design principles.


Extension Tables


For the first time ever, Nissin is introducing extension tables to their furniture collection. The GEPPO extension tables can be customised from a range of 1400mm to 2200mm in width. For those who are looking for a more compact table, atomi carries also a 900-1300mm alternative. Versatile and functional, these collapsible tables will likely be the most useful furniture additions to any living space.


KUKKA Series

Last but not least, Nissin has pushed out a new collection: “Kukka”. Kukka stands for 'flower' in Finnish, which perfectly encapsulates the concept of this range: a series of beautiful elements that replicate the natural beauty of the clear Scandinavian sky. The intention of the crafters, is for the presence of any Kukka piece to evoke feelings of brightness and kindness.

Kukka Dining Chair


The standout feature of the Kukka collection is a ladder-type design characteristic of its chairs and benches. The seat of the Kukka dining chairs, and Kukka benches are made using muku boards arranged in an R-shaped configuration to increase comfort. Moreover, the wide curved wooden backrest of the Kukka chair is crafted to wrap the body to provide ample support.

As a forward-thinking Japanese lifestyle and furniture brand in Singapore, we align with Nissin’s unwavering pursuit of meticulous craftsmanship, excellence, and their mission to always to be better. More importantly, we are committed to bringing only the best of Japan to our customers because it is our belief that functionality, versatility, and comfort, will never need to be compromised by design or style.