Wooden Wreath
Wooden Wreath
Wooden Wreath
Wooden Wreath

Wooden Wreath

A wooden wreath you can use beyond the festive seasons by experimenting with different arrangements! You may hang the wreath as a door adornment or display it on the attached stand on a sideboard along your entranceway. 

Product details

  • Size: ⌀30 x H5.2 cm 
  • Material: Horse Chestnut, Cherry, Hoo, Walnut
  • Weight: ~540g
  • Accessories included: 
    • 1x Bell
    • 1x Ribbon
    • 1x Stand

    Handling tips and care

    • Do not hold the wooden wreath by the wooden pin where you attached the bell and ribbon as it may damage the wreath. 
    • We recommend using a soft brush to remove any dust or for regular cleaning of the wreath.
    • Kindly note that the bell is brass-plated and not waterproof. Hence, the bell may change over time and may darken/discolour when exposed to rain/wind. Be careful when using the wreath outdoors. We recommend using a soft cotton cloth to wipe the wreath and bell dry when damped. 

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