SANYOU S-Cup - atomi shop
SANYOU S-Cup - atomi shop
SANYOU S-Cup - atomi shop


Toki City, Gifu Prefecture, is known as the production center of Mino ware.
A new tableware brand “TOKI” originated from this land that has been blessed with high quality clay since ancient times.

HOUSEN-NENDO, clay used in “TOKI”
“Hosen Kiln” is an unprecedented unique clay that was created after numerous trial and error in the composition based on raw materials such as galeme clay, Okayama pottery stone, Shigaraki feldspar over 3 years.

HOUSEN-NENDO's container is said to be "relaxed" by the natural ore. This means that it fits comfortably into the hand. Please enjoy using this mystery of pottery brought about by our carefully selected clay. Finished with a modern design that closely matches the modern lifestyle. 

This series is inspired by tea ceremony tools. 


Can be stacked

W105 × D80 × H70 (mm)

Microwave safe 

Colour White

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