BAN 3P Leather Sofa
BAN 3P Leather Sofa

BAN 3P Leather Sofa

A sofa with a floating sensation achievable uniquely with iron. This fascinating piece strikes a balance between the lightness of design and the substantial weight inherent to iron. It also features the ability to attach side tables, allowing for customization based on space and purpose. The arms of the side tables are hammered-finished, which enhances the robust expression of iron and provides a distinctive character.

*Due to the production process, there may be some slight variations in size. Additionally, due to the nature of the materials used, there may be individual differences in the finished product.

*Lead time is approximately three months upon order confirmation. 

  • W2100 x D800 x H690 x SH400 mm

  • Side arm (Option): W180 x D750 x H470 mm
Style Sofa

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