atomi x City Donut

Exclusive collaboration between atomi and Singaporean home-grown brand City Donut

A meeting of minds between two local businesses, atomi consultancy joins hands with City Donut to present a revamped look and feel to the latter’s dining space.

Established in 2020, City Donut is a joint-venture between Minor Food Singapore, one of the largest casual dining restaurant operators in Singapore and Mr Wei Chan, who helms The Pine Garden, a leading pioneer in the local bakery scene. Following the footsteps of The Pine Garden, City Donut sets out to put a modern spin on nostalgic pastries, but with a particular focus on an iconic 80s pastry - the classic donut. Whilst retaining the original sugar-coated version, City Donut has incorporated a slew of familiar local flavours into the traditional treat. Ranging from the rich and aromatic pulut hitam, to the fragrant pandan ondeh ondeh, and finally the luscious orh nee (yam), City Donut has curated a profile of flavours that will surely invoke a trip down memory lane.

With a common alignment on craftsmanship and cultural uniqueness, atomi and City Donut are intent on achieving a cross-collaboration that will bring both brands to the next level. As a leading furniture connoisseur, atomi hopes to incorporate its passion for Japanese designs and comfortable lifestyle into local brands. We believe that design has the power to turn ordinary daily experiences into captivating adventures. Thus, in this exclusive collaboration with City Donut, atomi will be introducing a series of thoughtfully selected, design-focused furniture that will enhance City Donut’s mission of bringing warmth, familiarity, comfort, and most importantly, the feeling of home to every customer.

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Head over to 2 McCallum St, Singapore 069043 (Monday-Saturday, 9am-6pm) to explore the exquisite furniture pieces from atomi and actus häuse. Immerse yourself in the beauty of our products as you have a seat and experience the quality and craftsmanship firsthand. Visit or to browse a wide range of products and make your purchases.

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