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Team atomi and ACTUS häuse

We are a young and dynamic company constantly looking for new opportunities to expand our business and beef up our team.

If you have a passion for retail and are looking to explore a career where you will have the opportunity to learn the A to Z of running retail and lifestyle outlets, contribute ideas to new initiatives, and witness the changing retail landscape, atomi is THE place for you!

Management Associate Program/Management Associate

The Management Associate Program (“MAP”) is a 6-month program which aims to equip the individual with the necessary skills to function efficiently and effectively in their role as a Management Associate (“MA”) at the end of the program.

The MAP encompasses both in-house/on-the-job training and external training institutions offer.

Upon completing the program, the individual will be promoted to the position of MA.

The MA will be expected to participate in the active growth of our businesses.

Our flexible yet tailored MAP will give you a good overview of Corporate, Business Units and Operational Strategy / Execution. We will expose the MA to various job responsibilities, from sourcing, purchasing, and import/export to media and customer relationship management.

General Responsibilities

1. Sales

You will be directly involved in building customer relationships and assisting with day-to-day sales with B2C and B2B clients. You can develop proposals for residential and commercial projects and follow up closely with potential customers.

2. Marketing

You will be involved in different areas of marketing, such as customer relationship management through our various channels, identifying and pursuing strategic partnerships, managing media relationships, and developing atomi’s marketing and communications programme.

3. Branding

You will assist the team in the various business segments, i.e. lifestyle and furniture, and in articulating and defining atomi’s branding. You will also drive business process improvements to strengthen our branding and provide operational support to ensure atomi is recognised as the industry leader in Japanese designs x Comfortable lifestyle x interiors

4. Operations

Work with the team to plan and manage the boutiques and accept delegated responsibilities. Assume various roles in different departments to widen your perspective. These include marketing, sales, customer service, purchasing, and merchandising roles.

5. E-commerce

You will be involved with the team working on e-commerce. This could include identifying new product ranges, maintaining the e-commerce platform, managing order fulfilment, evaluating product offerings and pricing, etc. You will take ownership to develop informative and engaging content for atomi actively and ACTUS häuse’s e-commerce and social media platforms.

6. Market Expansion

You will work with the team and your respective mentors in the planning and execution of various projects (both local and overseas) for atomi and ACTUS häuse. This includes consultancy projects, sourcing new business partners for collaborations and maintaining good working relationships with existing partners. 


  • Fresh graduates
  • Diploma holders with 1-3 years of working experience

  • Able to work on weekends
 (5 workdays/week from 11 am-7.30 pm)
  • Keen learner, good team player, positive attitude and enthusiastic

  • Comfortable with sales and customer service
  • Good written and spoken communication skills

  • Able to cope with pressure, be self-motivated and take pride in your work


Job Description

 This programme aims to allow students to stint in the retail industry throughout their studies. We want to benefit students who have pockets of time on hand and wish to make meaningful use of such time to gain exposure and experience in the retail industry. Not only will the interns learn the ropes of a retail operation, but they will also participate in projects they will take ownership of.

We are looking for interns better to appreciate the many aspects of the company’s operations. They must possess some of these traits and demonstrate how they are in for the long haul. 

  • Ability to work well as a team and yet be independent enough to join an inclusive flat structure business model.
  • Confident and able to work in a dynamic & ambiguous retail environment
  • Ability to handle customers and possess strong critical thinking and deep analysis 
  • Ability to articulate well in English, Chinese and Japanese (if possible)

General Areas of Exposure

 1. Consulting Projects

You will work closely with the owner to manage daily operations and assist in consultancy projects and business development. The appointed interns will be assigned tasks to work on, depending on their skill sets and interests. 

2. Operations 

You will work with the team to ensure the smooth running of the retail outlets. You can assume various roles in the day-to-day operations to widen your perspective. These include sales, customer service, events, purchasing, inventory control and merchandising roles. You will also help drive business process improvements.

3. Marketing / Event Planning

You will have the chance to take charge of the planning and execution of events by atomi. You will be exposed to marketing and customer relations areas and gain more knowledge of the products. Some examples of events that atomi has conducted include wine, champagne, sake-tasting, and pairing sessions. 


 We welcome students who:

  • are currently studying in undergraduate/postgraduate studies of any discipline within NUS
  • Can work for at least two full days (11 am to 7.30 pm) a week (min. 1weekday and one weekend) for three months
  • Are keen learners, good team players, enthusiastic and have a positive attitude
  • Comfortable with sales, customer and consultancy service
  • Successful conversation to full-time roles will be offered

We invite interested parties to please send in your CV to