Hiba Wood │ Bath Towel

Hiba Wood │ Bath Towel

Aomori Hiba is native to Japan as one of its three most beautiful trees. This unique range trademarks a rare scent and beauty, on top of being highly functional. Hiba Wood has antibacterial, insect repelling qualities and above all, gives off a rich relaxing fragrance.

An all-natural Bath Towel (W138 x D65 cm) made of 70% organic cotton and 30% Filhiba® fibre, with colors derived using botanical dye - the natural color from Hiba Wood, green from the Hiba Leaves, and brown from the Hiba Trunks. 

Filhiba® is an original fabric derived from adding Hiba Wood Essential Oil in the kneading process of making rayon fibre with wood pulp, retaining the antibacterial and deodorant effects of Hiba Wood.

W138 x D65 (cm)

Color Natural

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