Hiba Wood Dishwash Liquid
Hiba Wood Dishwash Liquid

Hiba Wood Dishwash Liquid

A neutral detergent/ Dishwash liquid with Hiba Wood essential oil included. The Hiba essential oil helps remove any smell and residue from the dishes. Mild and gentle to your skin as well. 

Aomori Hiba is native to Japan as one of three of the most beautiful trees, along with Kiso hinoki cypress and Akita cedar. This unique range made of Japan’s Aomori Hiba Wood not only trademarks an uncommon scent and beauty, but they are also highly functional. Hiba Wood has antibacterial, insect repelling qualities, and above all, it gives off a rich relaxing fragrant.

Content: 300ml


DISHWASH LIQUID 食器用洗剤 全身用洗剤と同じ成分を配合しているのでお肌にも 優しく、青森ヒバ精油成分でお肉やお魚のニオイを 消し、ぬめりをきれいにとります。(ペットの器にもおすすめです。)

内容量 300ml


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