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It is an age-old Japanese tradition to place a never-ending focus on the development and perfection of craftsmanship. Recognising this quality and holding the same belief in uncompromising attention to design and quality, local firms atomi and biro have come together to produce an exclusive menswear collection.

Made in Okayama, Japan, high-quality clothes are produced with traditional production methods, coupled with exquisite materials. Inspired by atomi’s wooden pieces, high-quality chambray fabric is used as they age well like a piece of good wood.

The collection designed by biro in collaboration with atomi is a reflection of both companies, with minimal designs made outstanding with the subtlest of details. Similar to the curated range of lifestyle and furniture products, the quality materials and high workmanship speak for itself.

atomi and biro believe in maintaining traditions while staying relevant, shown in the techniques used to produce the clothing range. Triple chain-stitching construction are created using WWII types of machinery, which have different mechanisms from modern types of machinery. Only skilled artisans can operate the machinery, thus an end product is produced that exudes high-quality workmanship - something that is rarely found in modern high volume based types of machinery.

A visible wave is noticeable from the slight pull thanks to this finishing of the stitching, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the garment making it more dimensional and natural. Taking craftsmanship to greater heights, selvedge hems are woven on an old traditional shuttle loom to showcase the beauty of the fabric in its originality.

The biro for atomi collection is the epitome of minimalism, quality, design and functionality for an understated but refined fashion style.