February 2024: Earthenware

土; つち

With a rich history in pottery, ceramics, and clay, earthenware is integral to Japanese culture. Every region has a distinctive expression that showcases its unique individuality and mastery of traditional craftsmanship.

Across our 15 years of partnership with local Japanese businesses, we have built a diverse portfolio of earthenware manufacturers across different regions of Japan. Explore the regional diversity of Japanese pottery through our exclusively curated collection featuring renowned styles such as Mino ware, Iga ware, and modern-day Hasami ware.

This February, we celebrate festivities such as the Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day. Elevate your celebrations with our versatile everyday pieces — plates, bowls, and vases— that pay homage to the past and inspire the future. The elegance of Japanese earthenware is more than just pottery, it is a journey into the heart of Japan's cultural tapestry.