New product Launches- Toy Series by NISSIN

HOME, where work will take place in the future

The pandemic has pushed all, if not almost all companies to adopt remote working. At the same time, this showed that work can be done away from the office.

As we progress towards a "prolonged phase 3", companies are driven to adopt a hybrid model where they make arrangements for employees to work from home on certain days, due to the headcount restrictions.

As such, the new norm will definitely still entail remote work as a part of the operational model. However, working remotely comes with some cons as well. Some people found a dip in their work productivity, and others feel that they are unable to separate work from their personal life. Consequently, the importance of a conducive and efficacious work station at home cannot be stressed enough.

Taking up minimal spaces, the TOY series presents to you the solution to an exquisite and handy personal work station.


TOY Chair [white wood]

Albeit perfect for your home office, this versatile piece can be transformed into a junior dining chair just by adjusting its seat height.

The TOY Chair scrimps on neither aesthetics nor the functionality:

1. Let the TOY chair tide you through a tiring day of work. It serves as a pillar of support for your back with the ergonomically designed curve. This would help relieve some stress off work, rest assured.

2. Particular about its grooming, the TOY chair conceals most of its mechanisms in order to look sleek and poised.

3. The dent is designed to allow for a better grip, helping users set up their workspace more effortlessly.



TOY desk [white wood]

This compact desk keeps things minimal but has everything you need in a workspace - a desk grommet, and space sufficient for a laptop and your daily coffee fix.

When it is not in use for work purposes, this workable furniture can also be transformed into a dresser or even an occasional table.



TOY stool [white wood]

Available in 3 seat heights, this simple yet elegant stool beautifully embodies Nissin’s pursuit for sophisticated minimalistic designs.



White Wood Desk

The White Wood desk occupies little room and does not skimp on style. This minimalistic and durable desk is a good complement to small living spaces.

With plenty of room for paperwork and cables, it also comes with 3 drawers to keep your items neat and compact.

The White Wood desk comes in 3 different widths: 850, 1100 and 1350mm to cater to your different spatial needs.


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