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Aomori Hiba is native to Japan as one of three of the most beautiful trees, along with Kiso hinoki cypress and Akita cedar. This unique range made of Japan’s Aomori Hiba Wood not only trademarks an uncommon scent and beauty, they are also highly functional. Hiba Wood has anti-bacterial, insect repelling qualities, and above all, it gives off a rich relaxing fragrant.

Aomori Hiba is historically used to build Japanese shrines and Buddhist temples because of its function, corrosion-inhibiting composition, industrial-strength, antibacterial, and insect repelling traits. In comparison to Hinoki, Ginkgo, or other trees, Aomori Hiba is resistant to water and has an amazing antibacterial effect on a mold and bacteria, and it repels termites. It contains two ingredients, Hinokitiol and β-Dolabrin, both of which have antibacterial, insect repelling, deodorizing, and ataractic effects. Aomori Hiba is the only tree which has these two ingredients in Japan and trees with these ingredients are rare in the world. 

Anti-baterial Natural Japanese Hiba wood Room Spray

First, you can use a Room Spray (350ml) with mist-like spraying technique to disinfect your room and house. Home is your safe sanctuary. The rich scent will make you feel calm and relaxed as well and is used in meditation as well. 

Anti-Bacterial Natural Japanese Hiba Wood incense

For a concentrated use, use the Incense Spray (100ml). Concentrated Hiba wood extract will help to sanitise your clothes, doorknobs and smaller areas. 

Anti-Bacterial Natural Japanese Hiba Wood

For Closet is suitable for use in small areas such as the wardrobe and drawers. Each pack consist of 3 bags for use separately. The pack is also resealable ensuring the freshness of the bags not in use. Place them around your house so that faint Hiba wood is always present in the house. 

Stay clean and safe! 

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