How to Maintain your Wooden Furniture

All furniture from atomi is made in Japan, each of them handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. Most furniture at atomi is made of natural solid wood. For you to enjoy the furniture as long as possible, there are a few things we would like you to keep in mind.

Urethane Coating 

Urethane coated furniture adds a thin layer of urethane resin on the furniture, protecting the natural wood beneth from moistrure and dryness. Urethane coating makes the furniture water-resistant, hence easy to maintain and don't require any special maintenance. 

Points to take note:

  • Avoid direct sunlight and do not put hot surfaces like pots and pans directly on the table (please use a trivet). 
  • Try not to leave wet cups and plates on the table for too long as it may cause to have water stains (urethane coating is water-resistant, but leaving it for hours & days may cause water stains)
    • Use a coaster or placemat to put your cups.


  • For regular cleaning: Use a soft and dry towel to wipe the surface.
  • To get rid of dirt/stains: Dilute a pH neutral cleaner with lukewarm water to make a 3~5% solution. Dampen a towel with the solution and tightly squeeze out any excess water.
  • Wipe thoroughly, then wipe it over again with another damp cloth (this time damp it with water to get rid of any remaining cleaning solutions) 
  • To finish up, use a dry & soft towel to wipe off any moisture. 


Oil Coating

Unlike urethane coating, oil finished furniture is more prone to scratches and dirt. On the other hand, the oil coating leaves the natural texture of the wood and allows the wood shade to change over time. So for those who want to enjoy the natural ageing process of the wood, oil finishing is ideal. 

  • The steps for daily cleaning is the same as urethane coating. 
  • Apply maintanance oil on to the 


  • When your furniture gets dirty/ scratched, lightly sand that area with a 240 grit sandpaper.
  • When you sand, make sure to do it in the same direction as the wood grain.

  • Once you sand the area, wipe off the wood dust.
  • Take a bit of the oil with a cloth (any cloth you don't mind throwing it away), and gently rub the sanded area.
  • Rub slightly over the sanded area and make sure you've evenly covered it.
  • In case you need to apply more oil, wait for 12hrs before applying another layer.
  • If you put too much oil, wipe it off with a dry cloth.
  • Let it dry for minimum 24hrs before using. 

*The cloth infused with oil may cause fire when exposed to direct sunlight. Dispose of it with caution (Put it in a rubbish bag that blocks sunlight or submerge it in water).


How to sanitise your solid wood furniture:

  • Avoid using alcohol-based disinfectants as they can damage the coating and the surface of the wood. 
  • If you want to sanitise your wooden furniture, use a non-alcohol based sanitising spray.
  • Instead of spraying directly on the furniture, spray it on a soft towel, and wipe with a dampened towel. 

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