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Wooden Chopsticks Short
Wood Chopsticks - atomi shop

Wooden Chopsticks Short

Simple, functional yet beautiful chopsticks designed by graf. Great for home use or as a gift.

Size: 180 mm

Available in: (red or black refers to the colour at the end of the chopsticks, refer to photo for more information)

Beech Light Brown (Red / Black)

Malas Dark Brown (Red/ Black)

Chestnut Dark Brown (Red/ Black) 


With its chic yet natural designs, Graf is the epitome of modern-day Japan’s designs. Founded in Osaka 1998, Graf is now a retail store, showroom and cafe, all housed in a four-story building. Their store sells furniture and products for daily use such as chopsticks, and home decoration items. The founders are all Japanese designers and likewise, local talents are employed. The designs are minimalistic and ooze sophistication and class, with a subtly incorporated Japanese love for the natural and aesthetically pleasing.

Material Beech
Color red

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