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Wooden Building Blocks
Wooden Building Blocks
Wooden Building Blocks

Wooden Building Blocks

For a toy that stimulates creativity and has educational value, the wooden building blocks are ideal. The set consists of 35 different blocks, which are made from 12 different types of trees that can be found in Japan. This includes Cypress (Hinoki), Oak, Horse Chestnut, Maple, and more.

Each block is labelled with the tree’s name in Japanese and English, thus allowing your child to learn and identify the various kinds of wood. The blocks have been bevelled so that there are no sharp edges. The wood has no finishing, which makes it safe for kids to lick without swallowing harmful chemicals. They are also large enough to prevent accidental choking due to swallowing. Thus, your child can be close to nature without any harm.

Box size: W245 x L185 x H63 mm

Largest wooden Block: W120 x L30 x H60mm

Smallest wooden Block: W60 x L20 x H30mm

35 different pieces, 2.1kg in total


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