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Wooden Building Blocks Box
Wooden Building Blocks Box
Wooden Building Blocks Box

Wooden Building Blocks Box

A toy that sparks creative thinking and doubles up as an educational toy for your child. 

Engraved on each block is the names of tree species in Japan in both Japanese and English, thus allowing your child to learn and identify the various kinds of wood.

Enjoy peace of mind during your child's playtime as the blocks are bevelled with no sharp edges and without finishing. 

Product details

  • Box size: W245 x L185 x H63 mm
  • Largest wooden Block: W120 x L30 x H60mm
  • Smallest wooden Block: W60 x L20 x H30mm
  • 35 different pieces, 2.1kg in total
  • Made from 12 different tree species found in Japan, which includes Cypress (Hinoki), Oak, Horse Chestnut, Maple, and more.




国産の ナラ、クリ、ホオ、カツラなど国産約12樹種を使用しています。




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