Wooden Bowls
Wooden Bowls
Wooden Bowls
Wooden Bowls

Wooden Bowls

The wooden bowls are layered with colored lacquer and wiped lacquer, carved from plain wood to create vibrant colors that surpass the traditional lacquerware. They are also durable for everyday use.  

Material: Natural wood (Mizumezakura)

Capacity: 300ml 

Size: φ11.7 x h7cm 

Handling instructions: 

  • After use, do not leave the product in hot water for a long time. Instead, wash it with lukewarm water or a soft sponge soaked in a neutral kitchen detergent and wipe it with a soft cloth
  • Avoid using dishwasher
  • Avoid putting it in the refrigerator, store in direct sunlight or in extremely dry places
  • Wipe off dust gently using soft cloth

Color Black

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