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Front view of Wearable Ionizer WI1100
Side view of Wearable Ionizer WI1100
Infographic on Wearable Ionizer's ionizing capabilities
WI1100 worn on a mannequin

Zero2.5 Wearable Ionizer WI1100

The Wearable Ionizer WI1100 is designed to bring forest air to you wherever you go. Shaped after a four-leaf clover, the WI1100 is suited for you if you are looking for a wearable ionizer that complements your style and daily wear

What are the benefits?
Releasing a high concentration of 3 million negative air ions at 10cm away from the ionizer, wearing one forms an invisible barrier that protects you against inhaling pm2.5, bacteria, and viruses into your body. 

The negative air ions released attach to floating particles in the air, including pollen and pet hair, and fall to the ground over time. Hence, this would also be helpful with alleviating allergies. 

How to use it?
The wearable ionizer will automatically turn on 3s after being lifted from a flat surface for wearing and turn off when placed down on a flat surface for 10s.  *Kindly note that there is no on/off switch for this WI1100 model.

It supports USB charging and takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the wearable ionizer, which can last up to 24 hours. 

Product Specifications

  • Model: WI1100
  • Negative Air Ions (NAIs) Emission: 3 million NAIs/ cm³ at 10cm away from the ionizer
  • Net weight: 29g
  • Size: 43 x 43 x 18.7 mm 
  • Power: <1w, 3.7V Battery, USB Charger

You may download the user guide for the Wearable Ionizer WI1100 here for more detailed information. 

The Wearable Ionizer WI1100 is brought to you by Zero2.5, the Singapore brand bringing you plant-based solutions for cleaner and fresher forest air. 


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