Traditional Handmade Japanese Washi Mood Lamp
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Traditional Handmade Japanese Washi Mood Lamp

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The use of washi, Japanese traditional paper, to promote feelings of softness and warmth of the light, also softens people’ s heart. It was designed with a wish to express warmth of form reflecting the warmth of the light, when such beautiful Japanese washi paper was reproduced as 3D figures, and adapted to contemporary lifestyles with the shade of the organic and free shape.

世界的なプロダクトデザイナー喜多俊之氏のディレクションにより生まれた「AOYA washi lamp」は、立体漉き和紙の特性を最大限に引き出し、ハイテク・伝統工芸・モダンデザインを融合したシリーズです。


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