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USUHARI Daiginjo Sake Set
USUHARI Daiginjo Sake Set

USUHARI Daiginjo Sake Set

Thin and delicate mouth-blown glass with versatile uses - from enjoying Daiginjo sake, which it is designed for, to white wine and whisky! The raised peak at the base of the glass helps with swirling your drinks to release its aroma for you to have an elevated tasting experience.

The Daiginjo Sake Set features glasses with uniform thinness of less than 1mm and fine finishing on its rim - charms of the USUHARI series that received the love of discerning drinkers and experts in the arts and design field.

Product details

  • Size:  ø5.4 x H9 (cm)
  • Volume: 250ml 
  • Comes with wooden box W11 x D18.5 x H9.8 (cm) 
  • NOT made of heat-resistant and tempered glass

Handling Tips and Precaution

  • A soft sponge is recommended for washing the glass.
  • Do not use with dishwasher, dryer, microwave oven, and oven. 
  • Avoid stacking the glasses or placing cutleries/objects in the glass.
  • Avoid placing ice or extremely cold water into hot/warm glass as rapid temperature change, particularly rapid cooling, may cause the glass to break. 


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