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Lovely White Town Condiment Set_Made in Japan

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TOWN Condiment Set contains three seasoning containers in the shape of white cute houses, that can be used to contain seasonings and spices. This uniquely designed condiment Set introduces elements of fun into daily living, spreading joy on the table. With the little huts made of porcelain, it brings out elements of playfulness and simplicity within your homes!

Made of porcelain.


Seasoning (S): W4 x D4 x H4.5 cm

Seasoning (M): W4 x D4 x H6.5 cm

Seasoning (L): W4.5 x D4 x H8 cm

Tray: W15 x D6.5 x H1 cm

Spoon length 7.5 cm

Box for the TOWN Condiment Set: W16 x D9 x H5.5 cm