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The Unbreakable Glass

In order to make a glass that is unbreakable, we adopted a completely new impact-resistant plastic material called Tritan. Main advantages of using Tritan is that it is transparent like glass, as light as plastic and resistant against physical shocks. Thus, this glass does not break even when dropped or stepped on. It can serve any kinds of function in various places, from bathroom to outdoor camps, for both adults and children alike. It is also made more heat resistant than general plastic. You can use it not only for putting in hot drinks but also for dishwasher and microwave oven.

最もグラスらしいグラスとは何か、を徹底的に考察することで生まれたTHE GLASSをベースに、落としても、踏んでも、壊れない”グラス”をつくりました。万人共通であるスタンダードな形状であれば、洗面所で歯を磨く時、バーベキューやキャンプのように野外で使用する時、小さなお子さまの飲み物用にと、様々な場面で活躍するに違いありません。


PCT resin (Tritan)

Capacity: 240ml

Calibre: 75mm; Height: 95mm