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THE Tote Bag

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By using 20% ​​thicker thread than the fabric of today's general tote bag, not only is it sturdy, but it also has a natural unevenness and has a different expression. 

The fabric is manufactured by Niimi Co., Chita-gun, Aichi. Established in Taisho in 10th year, we are a weaving factory centring on natural fibre fabric. Because the fabric is thick and hard, it is hand-finished by experienced craftsmen using special and horsepower sewing machines.

S / M / L, any size can be carried with suitcases.

100% cotton

S: W40 x H27 x D10 cm (handle 35)

M: W52 x H30 x D11 cm (handle 45)

L: W66 x H38 x D19 cm (handle 53)