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Telesto Pinot Noir Wine Glass Set

Telesto Pinot Noir Wine Glass Set

Treat yourself to an extraordinary sommelier experience with the new stemware collection by KVETNA1794. 

About the Glass

  • ø108 x H235 mm
  • holds up to 800ml of liquid
  • sold in a set of 6 glasses

*Limited sets available. Alternatively, WhatsApp us at 68874138 to preorder the glass set and receive them in March 2022. 

About the Telesto Collection

Developed in collaboration with wine connoisseurs, Telesto aims to give wine lovers greater enjoyment of the various bouquets and flavours of top-quality wines.

A hand-blown glass perfectly weighted for you to experience wine with a touch of elegance and flair. Telesto's passion for detail extends throughout the collection, as each piece visually complements the proportions of a wine bottle.


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