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The City Book - Production Q

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The City Book is here to provide you with all the spots in the city that have inspired these city-based artists to create their work. Each artist has provided his or her own personal story through quotes and texts. The locations and stories in this book are also laid out on an illustrated map to provide travellers with a more personal way to see a city

A limited-edition book created and curated by Production Q, The City Book provides an artistic narration and preview of the city, reflecting the diversity and rich elements in their culture.


“I have created The City Book with a wish to inspire people to travel and see the city from the local artists’ perspective, mixing art with the city. By creating the project in another city we begin to share similar minds.” 

— Queenie Rosita Law, Creator of The City Book

The City Book – Hong Kong ( published Jan 2016)
Artists: Au Yeung Nai Chim, Enoch Cheung, Evan Wu, Tsang Kin-Wah, Ho Sin tung, Lau ching Ping, Romaine Jacquet-Lagreve, Jin Meyerson, Charles Munka, Lok Ming Fung

The City Book – Singapore ( published Jan 2017)
Artists: Genevieve Chua, Sarah Choo, Hilmi Johandi, Charles Lim, Tang Ling Nah, Dawn Ng, Shubigi Rao, Robert Zhao