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Festive Decoration Wreath (L)

Festive Decoration Wreath (L)

Paper Wreath is a 3D wreath that anyone can easily make by folding a sheet of paper. This synthetic paper is widely known for its superior durability and water resistance functions as the materials can be used repeatedly. It is practically hassle-free when applying drawings and colours on the surface.

Decorate and set your living interiors and rooms in a Christmas festive mood with our very uniquely designed and made Paper Wreath as a family bonding time.

Be together with your children to decorate the Paper Wreaths, where it allows them to be creative in choosing the colours they want their Paper Wreaths to be.

Ran out of ideas for interesting Christmas gifts? Our Paper Wreath serves as the perfect gift for Christmas!


Unfolded: W205 × H200 × 0.35 mm

Folded: Ф173 × D23 mm


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