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Kinto Brewer Stand Set

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SLOW COFFEE STYLE - enjoy the luxury of slow coffee.

A solid stainless steel filter, a carafe honouring an elegant form, a jug with a unique shape; The Kinto Brewer Stand Set brings a rich cup of coffee with high quality flavour when brewed. With a space saving design, this is a coffee-ware suitable for a slow and relaxing time in the midst of hustle and bustle. 

Designed by pottery artist of Kagoshima ONE KILN in collaboration with Mr. Yusuke Kido.

Material: Heat-resistant glass, steel


Filter: φ12 cm × H 9.5 cm 
Brewer: φ 11.7 cm × H 9.3 cm 
Server: 600 ml φ 11.7 cm × W 14 cm × H 11 cm 
Holder: φ 8.1 cm × H 6 cm 
Stand: W 13 cm × D 16.5 cm × H 24 cm


Made in China