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INIC Choco Powder

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★ THE CHOCO POWDER series ★ 

INIC's proprietary new recipe, which uses individual grains of Choco powder, allows for easy dissolving of the powder. It's smooth texture allows for the drink to not harden as quickly. 

The white chocolate is made from rich milk found specially from France. The Choco powder will allow one to enjoy INIC's coffee drink in just 5 seconds.

There are three ways to best enjoy the product.

Firstly, adding the amount of your choice to hot milk. This will create a fine, and thick rich layer of chocolate. To enjoy merely the cocoa taste, mix it with hot water to enjoy it. The third way to enjoy it is to dissolve it in coffee and milk, which will thus create Cafe Mocha. 

Make INIC Choco Powder drink your favourite taste today!

Available in both white and dark chocolate.