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Horse Shoe Dining Chair

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"Horse Shoe" is an ACTUS original chair created by modern craftsman "Hans S. Jacobsen". It is inspired by Wegner's masterpiece "The Chair". It is named "Horseshoe" because it looks like a horseshoe when viewed from the top. 

Mahogany wood is used, ensuring the quality of the furniture. 


Standard Dimensions as in pictures (can be ordered online):

  1. Material: Mahogany, Oil finish
  2. Type of Seat Cover: Leather, Black 
  3. Number of legs: 4
  4. Dimensions: <W59 x D52.4 x H72.2 x SH44.5 cm > 


Please note that:

*Configurations are customizable and not limited to the ones available online
*You are welcome to come by our physical boutique or drop us an email at should you wish to customize it to different materials, colours and dimensions
*Lead time is approximately 2~3 months upon order confirmation