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H.W.F. Chair
H.W.F. Chair - atomi shop
H.W.F. Chair - atomi shop
H.W.F. Chair - atomi shop

H.W.F. Chair

The H.W.F series is inspired by vintage Scandinavian furniture. Combining the technology originally used to make vintage furniture with a fresh modern touch, the products are made relevant to the modern-day lifestyle. Every piece of furniture under HWF series is carefully designed and carved to reflect the philosophies and passion of the craftsmen from half a century ago.

For the fabric options, you can choose from 5 ranks and 31 different colours. The seat covers are also removable.


  1. Material: Sapele Mahogany Wood 
  2. Type of fabric: choose from 5 ranks and 31 different colours
  3. Size: W52 x D49 x H77 x SH45cm

Please note that:*Configurations are customizable and not limited to the ones available online*You are welcome to come by our physical boutique or drop us an email at should you wish to customize it to different materials, colours and dimensions

Shipping Delivery fee is included (Only within Singapore) 


H.W.F series <Revival of Hand Work Furniture>
Today people are increasingly becoming attracted to second-hand items that left the owner's hands for unknown reasons.
The keywords for this series is "Reconnect", "Recreate", and "Revalue".

In modern days, second-hand furniture is becoming accepted by many people. It has become so popular that the repair works are not catching up, especially ones made in Denmark between the 1950~1970s. These pieces of furniture come in various conditions with scratches and dents, marks that tell us how these pieces of furniture have been supporting peoples everyday lives over many years.  

Handworks are often avoided in creating furniture nowadays because of their inefficiency. But the handwork applied throughout the vintage furniture demonstrates the early craftsmen's passion for their work.

By repairing these pieces of furniture, we have learnt the craftsmen's passion and techniques from half a century ago. At the same time, we also learnt that there is a certain beauty only handcrafted furniture can exhibit and that state-of-the-art technology is not always the solution to enhancing a person's quality of life. These pieces of second-hand furniture from Denmark will eventually disappear, which is why we started this project to bring them back by recreating them using the same method and techniques from the 1950s-70s. By doing so, we aim to pass down the passion and craftsmanship of the anonymous Denmark craftsmen. This is the story behind our H.W.F series. 
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