FB Dining Table (Rectangular)
FB Dining Table (Rectangular)
FB Dining Table (Rectangular)
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FB Dining Table (Rectangular)

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FB series adopts a semi-order system that allows you to customise based on your needs and preferences. Create a dining table that fits your home perfectly. 

The width and depth of the table can be ordered in 5cm increments between 70 to 200cm and between 70 to 100cm respectively.  While the height can be ordered in 1 cm increment between 65 and 70 cm. 

Additionally, choose from two types of legs: straight or thin tapered type.

11 different colour types of wood are available to choose from. 

Minimum Size: W70 x D70cm

Maximum Size: W200 x D100cm 

Configuration Examples: 

1) W110 x D70 x H65~72cm 

2) W200 x D70 x H65~72cm 

*Lead time is approximately 3 months upon order confirmation






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