Coffee Brewing Kit - atomi shop
Coffee Brewing Kit - atomi shop
Coffee Brewing Kit - atomi shop


Coffee Brewing Kit



ACTUS häuse 3rd Anniversary Special

25% Discount!


1 x Ouur Enamel Mug [∅18.5 x W10.5 x H8]

1 x Ouur Enamel Milk Pot [∅13.5 x L25 x H11.5]

1 x Enamel JF Slim Pot

1 x Donut Coffee Dripper


Start your day by heating up milk in Ouur Enamel Milk Pan (this elegant enamel cookware is the finest from the 400-year-old Austrian family business Riess) for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. It is also shaped perfectly to pour easily into Ouur Mug (also by Riess especially for Ouur) without spillage. Besides heating up milk, it can also be used to cook porridge or warm a baby’s milk bottle. Made of vitreous enamel, the milk pan prevents metal ion from changing its flavour.

Specially sourced from Torch in Gunma Prefecture, this donut coffee dripper has unique features that make it ideal for brewing good coffee.

- V-shaped cup and donut holder that is able to fit on to cups of any size

- Steep sides that maximize the percolation of water through the coffee beans, producing a stronger and fuller flavour

- The terraced inner design of the dripper ensures that water flow is always contained within the filter


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