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Castagna stands out for its graceful curves and the warm mood imparted by its wood frame. It achieves a striking balance between a natural air and a modern design and comes with a back cushion that firmly yet comfortably supports your body. An excellent choice for those who want to enhance the relaxing atmosphere of their dining room.

Designed by Coral Ocean Design

This design team was put together in Saipan in 1998 by Arflex Japan founder Tadashi Hoshina. For many years, the team has created products designed to be constantly cherished by their users no matter how the times may change. After relocating its base of operations to Tokyo in 2015, the team has continued to partner with product designer Takuya Fujito to develop new lifestyles in many different ways.

W580 x D575 x H640 x SH435 (mm)

Wood: Walnut 

Fabric: MMK-BE


*Handcrafted in Japan

*Lead time is approximately 3 months upon order confirmation


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