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BRERA Modular Sofa

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Conceived by Italian designer Sergio Brioschi, Brera is an expansive, dynamic sofa. The peninsular unit, in particular, lends a liberating, carefree air, and expands the living room experience by providing an interactive link between the sofa and its surroundings.

The comfort and convenience offered by the sofa can be complemented with selections from the wide array of Brera Tables, which sport the same steel legs and come in different tops-marble, wood, or fabric. Choose the perfect combination of richly textured materials to add a stylish, mature feel to your living room.


W2760 x D970 x H635 x SH435 (mm)

Fabric: MMK-BE

Leather: HRO LBN (Japan)



*Handcrafted in Japan

*Lead time is approximately 3 months upon order confirmation


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