AOYAMA Dining Armless Chair
AOYAMA Dining Armless Chair
AOYAMA Dining Armless Chair
AOYAMA Dining Armless Chair
AOYAMA Dining Armless Chair
AOYAMA Dining Armless Chair
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AOYAMA Dining Armless Chair

"We will deliver furniture that is of high quality, timeless, and loved by people for a long time" Designer Naoto Fukasawa, Maruni and Actus

Fabric and leather seating is also available. Contact us for more information 


Standard Dimensions as in pictures (can be ordered online):

  1. Material: Oak, Walnut
  2. Number of legs: 4
  3. Dimensions: W44.3 x D50.5 x H78.4 x SH43.6 cm


*Beechwood (discontinued model) 1 stock available & ready to be delivered. 

Please note that:

*Configurations are customizable and not limited to the ones available online
*You are welcome to come by our physical boutique or drop us an email at should you wish to customize it to different materials, colours and dimensions
*Lead time is approximately 2~3 months upon order confirmation


Famous designer Naoto Fukasawa, together with Maruni Woodworking who have been making woodworking furniture for nearly a century, made the "AOYAMA" from a project by three companies of Actus. 

Aiming to become a standard wooden chair that everyone imagines, the chair AOYAMA, made by collecting the best of woodworking technology, has a goodness that makes you feel like you have seen somewhere. 

“smart look” 
The front uses the grain with beautiful vertical lines. 
Generally, the arm of the chair is generally joined by the armrest, but in AOYAMA, the leg is attached with a dowel attached vertically to make the leg longer. Therefore, giving it a smart and clean design. 

Also, the frame of the chair does not have the same thickness.  The legs are thin and the centre is finished with a slightly thick and gentle curve. The sheet is made of moulded plywood with a thickness of 8 mm to appear thin and light, like floating in the air. In addition, a slight bending is applied to soften the hit to the backboard. 

The “comfort” 
The backrest leans back more than a normal chair. The backrest border is warm and comfortable under the back scapula and attracts a relaxed posture. 
* The back legs of AOYAMA have an amazingly complicated structure to support the backrest inclination. It is hard work to make this shape by machine cutting, not bending.

The seating surface draws a curve that gently wraps up, and the seating surface is a three-dimensional process that gently supports the back of the thigh when sitting. In spite of the thin seat, it achieves a stable sitting comfort.


Material Oak

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