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air marble ionizer and hiba wood room spray set
natural japanese hiba wood room spray

Air Marble Ionizer + Hiba Wood Room Spray Set

A special set packaged to help you improve the air quality of your living space and freshen it up with a natural, artificial-free fragrance. 

Enjoy clean and fresh forest quality air with Zero2.5 Biotech.

The Air Marble Ionizer is Zero2.5 Biotech's natural fibre range of ionizers that feature natural fibre sustainably extracted from coconut husks. 

The ionizer is incorporated with patented Forest Air Technology that stimulates the natural fibre to emit a million-fold more negative air ions (NAIs) than a live tree does and effectively clean the air of harmful pm2.5 particles to bring you cleaner and fresher forest quality air. 

Then, freshen up your living space with our Hiba Wood Room Spray. 

Simply spray the Hiba Wood Room Spray (350ml) at a distance away from the natural fibre of the Air Marble Ionizer to freshen up your living space with the trademark Aomori Hiba scent. 

Besides its trademark scent, the Hiba Wood Room Spray is also highly functional as it is packed with antibacterial and insect repelling properties.


The efficacy of Zero2.5's Natural Fibre Air Ionizers is independently tested by Research Institutes and peer-reviewed in OSF Journal.

You may download the user guide for the Natural Fibre Air Marble Ionizer CF4000 here for more detailed information. 


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