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Zero2.5 Natural Fibre Air Marble Ionizer CF4000

Zero2.5's Natural Fibre Air Marble Ionizer incorporates patented Forest Air Technology that stimulates the natural fibre to emit a million-fold more negative air ions than a live tree does.

What are the benefits?
The negative air ions generated effectively remove air pollutants and contaminants including pm2.5, airborne aerosols like COVID-19, bacteria, smoke, dust, and moulds, to bring you cleaner and fresher forest air for breathing. 

Besides purifying the air, the ionizer can reduce the virus load and mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission via airborne aerosols, especially in high-risk areas with increased human traffic and interactions.

How to use it?
Simply place the ionizers in enclosed spaces where there is poor or inadequate ventilation of air. The efficacy of Zero2.5's Natural Fibre Air Ionizers is independently tested by Research Institutes and peer-reviewed in OSF Journal.

The ionizer is AC powered and low maintenance as there is no requirement to replace any filter.

You may download the user guide for the Natural Fibre Air Marble Ionizer CF4000 here for more detailed information. 

The Natural Fibre Air Marble Ionizer is brought to you by Zero2.5, the Singapore brand bringing you plant-based solutions for cleaner and fresher forest air. 


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