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A. SOFA 10

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arflex’s signature sofa, A・SOFA series, celebrates its 30th anniversary since its first launch in 1986. From a traditional ‘stiff’ look, it sought for the quality of relaxed ‘wrinkles’ as a rich image. Evolving with time, the A・SOFA has been refurbished alongside various scenes.

Since its beginning, a simple configuration consisting of shells (body) and cushions was developed. The balance of the robust body and plump cushion has become a universal, timeless design. And the configuration can be used to vary the expression of the fabric, further expanding the range of coordination. The softness of the cushion has been time and time again refined, for comfort and durability. 

Designed by Arflex Japan R&D.

W2060 x D950 x H800 x SH395 (mm)

Fabric: MMK-BE


 *Handcrafted in Japan

*Lead time is approximately 3 months upon order confirmation


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