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Pricing Strategies

Are you having trouble getting your products priced to suit market demand? If you are like most business owners, having trouble finding the time to look for price insights, strategically analyse data for predictive retailing and margin points improvement. This is why it is important to have a specialist to take care of your price optimisation needs.


In this digital age, AI technologies have been actively penetrating the e-commerce market. The scope of business tasks in the current era is changing with new solutions provided by machine learning.

However, it is important to have the right data and algorithm in order for the machine to provide with the right price analysis and recommendations. Singapore businesses now face the danger of unknowingly using bad data to do analysis, which would result in a downward spiral of inaccurate analysis and pricing decisions, and inevitably leading to the increase in costs.

Market competitors are always thinking one step ahead with newer ways of optimizing product prices. With such heightened intensity in competitions, retailers now face very pressing issues in order to survive in the market today.


Here are the top three issues faced by retailers today include:

  1. Lack of pricing insights from the market
  2. Handling of data online
  3. Lack of experienced analytical manpower

Introducing to you a platform that can provide solutions to these pressing issues. The platform provides:

  1. Detailed pricing insights gathered from the market
  2. Accurate and efficient organization of data
  3. AI-driven analysis 

Here at Atomi x consultancy, we strive to make sure we are the best. As such, we have done our research in the market. We will highlight the issues and recommend the solutions we provide to ensure our clients remain competitive in the ever-changing environment. 

These may all seem too good to be true. Hence, we would be delving deeper into these solutions, featuring screen captures of the platform. Should you wish to understand more about what we can offer or the functions of this platform, please feel free to contact us at andrew@atomi-jp.com.