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Manage Marketing Mix & Effective Personal Branding


This module will help participants understand the power of brand stories and the importance of creating a brand in the market. A strong grasp of emerging trends can fuel retail growth with the creation of marketing opportunities using the right marketing mix. We begin by first exploring the customers behaviour of today to guide how marketing should be conducted. It will also feature ways in which one is able to communicate the brand in a consistent and coherent manner and address key challenges associated with aligning market activities with corporate strategy. In addition, issues such as brand identity and equity, expansion and maximisation of marketing channels (social media and marketing networks) and coherence & consistency in communication will be covered at length. After which, participants will learn how to formulate a promotional budget when planning a retail promotion and to evaluate the results.


  • Understand customer behaviour – What shapes their decision making in making a purchase
  • Develop marketing campaigns based on the understanding of customers’ needs and preferences
  • How to conduct marketing and branding


7 hours


  • Role play
  • Pair work / Group Work
  • Presentation
  • Discussion


Certificate of Attendance from atomi Pte Ltd


$700 before gst

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