Manage Dynamic Changes in the Retail Environment for Strategic Planning


The module will aim to expose participants to various levels of change that they will face as a retailer. Monitoring the retail environment is a constant and occasionally overwhelming task as it is always in a state of flux. Therefore, participants should keep abreast of the current issues – awareness of social, demographic and legal shifts, as well as, global trends will help retailers initialize the strategic planning process.

The module will then delve deeper into the various steps in a strategic planning process. From performing a situational analysis, to identifying a differential advantage, developing a mission statement, preparing company goals and objectives to eventually planning detailed strategies – these are crucial and necessary to come up with solid retail solutions to cope with the changes as mentioned.


  • Identify the changes that can affect both retailers and consumers (Economy, Legal and Political actions, Demographic changes, Green movement, Social change, Ethical issues, Unpredictable events and Advances in technology)
  • Delineate the important components of strategic planning and how they can help to address respective changes


7 hours


  • Role play
  • Pair work / Group Work
  • Presentation
  • Discussion


Certificate of Attendance from atomi Pte Ltd


$700 before gst

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