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Understand Retail at the Advanced Level and Market Opportunities


The module is targeted for retail leaders at the managerial level. This module will enable participants understand the underpinning of marketing theories and practices, immerse in the language of retail and examine various rationales for how the industry works at a deeper level. They will get a glimpse into the history of retail, as well as, its present status.

Renowned retail experts and partners will also share their expertise and knowhows on how to pinpoint and evaluate market opportunities based on business aims; weigh the value propositions for different opportunities; develop the target retail business model and strategy for the selected opportunity and build potential revenue. From retail culture to mindsets, participants can expect an intimate and open conversation with the retail professionals on their past experiences.


  • Advanced retailing and marketing terms for the managerial level
  • In-dept exploration into retail concepts (Merchandising, promotion, operations, finance, information technology, human resource management)
  • Understand the retail evolution in three phases – Entry, trading up and vulnerability
  • Identify trends and opportunities within the market


7 hours


  • Role play
  • Pair work / Group Work
  • Presentation
  • Discussion


Certificate of Attendance from atomi Pte Ltd


$700 before gst

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