Welcome to atomi Shop's lookbook. Here, we feature home inspirations that will give you ideas on how you can deck up your space. Stay tuned for new ideas every week! 


Lookbook 1 | Modern Scandinavian

A Modern Scandinavian style living room decked with furniture made of a mix of wood types. Complement it with fixtures made of metal elements to add different layers and textures to the room.

Customize the pieces according to your room size, upholstery and wood preferences.

Find out more about the RIPOSO Sofa and SONO Sideboard


 Lookbook 2 | Modern

A modern living room fit-out featuring the MAGENTA Sofa propped up on steel legs. On the side, we have the GIULIO Lounge Chair in leather and fabric upholstery. The long and narrow coffee table makes it easy to access from all corners of the living space.
All the featured furniture are available in various configurations, wood, fabric and leather. 
Find out more about the MAGENTA SofaGIULIO Lounge Chair and MONTEBELLO TABLE


Lookbook 3 | Compact Dining Set-Up

A compact dining set up for small houses. The three-legged K-Type table allows for 3 pax to sit comfortably, very suitable for a small family of three. Add on the compact K-Type dining chairs to complete the set. For extra comfort, you can choose the armchair with the petite arms that allow you to rest your elbows. Mix and match the wood type and upholstery option to add colours and textures to your home space. 

Find out more about the K-Type Table and K-Type Chairs


Lookbook 4 | Industrial

A dining set fitted out to suit the industrial look and feel of the house. Unique to the dining table is it's steel legs that blend in with the look and feel of the entire interior design. Wood is used to showcase the neutral tone in industrial themed designs. Here we choose the Malta table with black steel legs and the classic Hiroshima armchair in oak wood. The table is available in different sizes and the chair is available in multiple wood types and comes with the option of upholstery. 

Find out more about the Malta Dining Table and Hiroshima Armchair


Lookbook 5 | Compact Minimalist desk Set-Up

A compact minimalist desk set-up for small houses. This set-up is suitable for both study and vanity use. With the door that allows you to close the BLOCCO Bureau when not in use, it offers greater flexibility when it comes to the use of the space. The unique characteristic of this set is the usage of natural wood in the furniture making process. It offers a touch of nature to small spaces and provides a relaxing feel as one enters the space. Decked with linoleum, the desk surface and tray bottom of the coat hanger is made durable and lasting. These pieces of furniture are available in several wood types, linoleum and upholstery options. 

Find out more about the BLOCCO Writing Bureau, CORNICE Arm Chair and BLOCCO Coat Hanger


Lookbook 6 | Monochrome Living Room Set-Up

A monochrome living room set-up featuring the Hoshina SONA modular sofa. Change up the setting from an L-shape setting to a straight setting by simply shifting the pieces around. The sofa comes in over 50 configurations that allow you to mix and match your desired pieces together. Upholster the pieces in your desired fabric or leather option from our wide range of collection. Do without a coffee table by adding the BRACO side table made of solid wood. You can also have the option of slotting it in between the two sofa pieces for easy access.  

Find out more about the SONA Modular Sofa and BRACO Side Table


Lookbook 7 | Minimalist Reading Corner 

A minimalist reading corner set up featuring the Whitewood Rocking Chair and Ottoman that make reading much more enjoyable. You can change up the choice of wood and upholstery option based on your personal preference and interior design. Add on the quirky Proof Side Table to put your drinks and small gadgets. The unique design makes it easy to be carried around for use in different parts of the house. 

Find out more about the Whitewood Rocking Chair, Ottoman and Proof Side Table

Lookbook 8 | Nature in the House

Want to blur the boundary between your interior design and nature? Use furniture made with natural wood material. In this home bar and dining setting, the O-Barstool and T-Chair are being used. What’s unique about these pieces is the use of steel as the back and leg rest. They add a touch of colour and a different texture to the space yet not overpowering the intended look and feel of the space. 

Find out more about the O-Barstool and T-Chair.

Lookbook 9 | A Child-Friendly Nature-themed Dining Set Up

Looking for a quality and nature-themed dining set-up that is suitable for homes with children? The CORNICE Dining set is the perfect one to consider. Key to the set is the Linoleum Top that is extremely durable and scratch proof. The material is also easy to clean, making it hassle-free to maintain even when you have children at home. The linoleum is available in various natural plant colours that allow them to blend into the surrounding seamlessly and not appear to striking or strong. Pair the dining set with the CORNICE console to spice up the space a little more with decorations. Alternatively, you can use it as a side storage for small household items such as cups, coasters, and placemats. 


Find out more about the CORNICE Oval Dining Table, CORNICE Chair and CORNICE Console

Lookbook 10 | Cool Contemporary Living Room 

A cool contemporary themed living room. Laid against the walnut backdrop, the sofa with the off-white seating gives the room a cool feeling. The shape of the BRERA modular sofa allows it to stand out as the centerpiece. Add a touch of color by choosing a different upholstery for the sofa frame and the cushions. 

Find out more about the BRERA Modular Sofa

Lookbook 11 | A Traditional Dining Room 

A traditional dining room set-up featuring the tables and chairs made from red oak, giving the room a sense of calm. This classic dining room set-up features the Resty Dining Table that comes with two side drawers for convenient storage of small items. Pair the table with either the Resty Dining Chair or Armchair for maximum comfort. The high back of the chairs provides full support for one when dining. The dining table and chairs are available in different wood types and you can also choose to upholster the chairs in your desired fabric or leather option. 

Find out more about the Resty Dining Table, Resty Dining Chair and Resty Armchair

Lookbook 12 | Industrial Minimalist 

Strike a balance between industrial and minimalism in your new home deck-up with our T&O chair series. They feature minimalist wood grains reflected by the solid wood used for crafting out the chairs. The industrial theme is brought out with the use of steel backing for the chairs. The chairs are available in multiple wood types and you can even have the option of black stained wood choices to create a bolder image for the house. 

Find out more about the T-Chair and T-Barstool

Lookbook 13 | A Colourful Kids Playroom 

Create a unique playroom for your little one with the range of hinoki wood furniture from atomi. The use of hinoki wood gives the furniture a subtle smell of nature, bringing children closer to nature as they play and learn in the room. You can also add some colours into the space by choosing different colour finishes for the pieces. 

Find out about the WF Face Sideboard, WF Kids Table and WF Kids Rabbit Chair. 

Lookbook 14 | Grey and White Scandinavian Themed Living Room

The use of grey, white and light wood creates a bright Scandinavian themed living room. The OMNIO sofa allows you to change up the configuration for different purposes or to create a fresh new look for your living room. Match with the BRACO side table to have maximum flexibility. Slot it in-between units for easy storage and convenient use or place it as a coffee table. The bottom shelving allows you to shelf-away books or magazines. 

If you are considering a different concept for your house, the OMNIO sofa is also available in multiple fabric and leather options. You can even mix-and-match units with different upholstery together. 

Find out about the OMNIO Sofa and BRACO Side Table

Lookbook 15 | Traditional Japanese Craftsmanship x Scandinavian-themed Living Room 

The use of blue and mustard yellow brings out the Scandinavian vibes of the living room. However, what makes this living room different from the typical Scandinavian-themed living room is the intricate details of Japanese craftsmanship reflected on the White Wood Sofa. Upon closer look, you will notice the intricate woodcraft that harmonizes the oak and walnut wood used, offering the living room a touch of tradition. The roundness in the form and the calmness of the colours of the natural timber brings warmed and tranquility to your comfort. Add on a different shape to the living room by placing a portable Proof Side Table. 

Find out more about the White Wood Sofa and Proof Side Table.